Send your Documents and Parcels With Credits

  • You can save time with credits – check out and paid with few clicks.
  • Load your account with EasyParcel Credits in advance to enjoy click-and-go bookings.
  • Simply pick the pack that's right for you and start booking.

Top Up Packages

SGD 50 After GST : SGD 54

SGD 100 After GST : SGD 107

SGD 300 After GST : SGD 321

SGD 500 After GST : SGD 535

SGD 1,000 After GST : SGD 1,070

SGD 2,000 After GST : SGD 2,140

SGD 5,000 After GST : SGD 5,350

SGD 10,000 After GST : SGD 10,700

SGD 20,000 After GST : SGD 21,400

  • Package price shown above are inclusive of 7% GST.
  • The SGD2.90 promotion for parcels up to 5kg only applies for deliveries within Singapore.
  • For larger or on-going projects, we also offer credit packs of 30,000 or 50,000 credits.
  • For more information, please contact Customer Support.

Questions and Answers

+ What is EasyParcel credit?

Think of credits as EasyParcel’s very own currency. Simply load your account with credits to book deliveries as you go.

+ How much credits do I need?

The credit cost of a delivery will depend on its size, weight, destination and quality. The majority of our most delivered parcels cost between SGD5 - SGD10.

+ Do I have to use EasyParcel credits to pay for my delivery order?

It is best to pay using EasyParcel credits to save time and enjoy lower delivery rate. Otherwise, you may pay for each individual orders using “Instant Pay”but at a higher rate charges.

+ What happens if I still have remaining credits after the promotion period/validity date.

Your credits is valid for (1) year from your top up date. You can activate back your remaining credit by topping up again.

+ How long are my credits good for?

Credits are valid for (1) year from your latest top up date. We'll send you an email notification before your credits expire. Sign in to see your credit balance at the top right corner of the page.

+ Can I get a refund on unused credits?

Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered.

+ Are the package price shown above inclusive of GST charges?

Yes, prices shown above are inclusive of GST charges. For eg, customer top up for EP2000 package by paying SGD 2140 (SGD 2000 EasyParcel credit + SGD 140 7% GST).

+ Can I top up EasyParcel Credits via offline? (etc atm transfer, cheque deposit)

Yes, we accept credit top up via offline. However, your top up credit, all discounts and promotional benefit in the top up package will only be visible within 3 working days.